Evan Maltby

actor | singer | writer

Evan's one of the kids who's actually from NYC, which he didn't realize was a weird thing until he was like 16 and went to theater camp for the first time and everyone was like "wait u live right off Broadway?? omg EVAN"

He sang in the New York City Opera Children's Chorus for many years (some boys' voices don't change until they're 15, ok), went to Hunter College High School, and eventually skipped town for a few years to do the liberal arts thing at Williams College. 

After getting his BA in Comparative Literature, he came back to the city and continued acting. He was a member of The Bats for a couple years, and since leaving The Flea he's been lucky enough to make a lot of fun plays with a lot of fun friends. Which is all he could ask for, really.

Evan still reads physical books, still loves anything with dinosaurs on it, and still thinks about Pokemon, like, a lot. He doesn't eat waffles for dinner anymore, but, uh. No promises.