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Talkies & singies


“Drift” - Out of Our Heads, Kooman & Dimond

“Mama, A Rainbow” - Minnie’s Boys, Grossman & Hackady


Clips from People People (feature); Lucy and the Stars / Kelly / Time of Day (shorts); Going Gold (web series); City Goat (various).


“Orpheus” - Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl

“Elliot” - Completeness, by Itamar Moses

animation VO reel

Which comes first, the "growing up on a steady diet of cartoons and anime" or the "has an affinity for doing voices"? 


if you were gay, #howaboutlove:pride cabaret @ the green room 42

So gratifying to take part in this cabaret with my On The Quays family for Pride 2018, and to practice some puppetry with my fuzzy pal Kiwi, who was very gracious about the whole thing. 

Talk To me, reb+vodka+me @ 54 Below

From SONGS BY JULIA MEINWALD AND GORDON LEARY, part of the New Writers at 54 Below! series. (From the same concert: Reblog, which is very silly and entirely too much fun.)

under my skin, too darn hot cabaret @ 54 Below

This was my 54 Below debut: a cabaret where you sing half a song, ingest FAR TOO MUCH hot pepper (in my case, approximately 500,000 Scovilles of habanero + ghost; a jalapeño is about 5,000), then try to finish. Thanks, Hot Pepper Theater

herman miller industrial

Part 1 of a 10-part series for Herman Miller, for use as internal promo/on-boarding materials. Eames and Aerons, y'all. 


We literally had original theme song music (composed by the inimitable Brian Hoes). Kapow-i GoGo is forever, fam. #believe