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new world sonata podcast @ your fav podcasting device

"Nearly a thousand years of peace have graced life in the singularity. In the days which are lit by the Empyrean Sun, a group of childhood friends journey through the strata; layers of human civilization dividing the endowed and the despondent. Carrying their own secrets, quandaries, and uncertainties as they venture through the foreign and the familiar, they begin to unravel the difficult history of their society and must confront the mysteries of their precarious future - a world on the precipice."

I mean, if that doesn't light your sci-fi nerd fire, I don't know what will. (You should see the Google Drive, guys. It's like a full friggin D&D campaign setting.) We're live on iTunes! 

ongoing, 2019



mar 18

VINDICATION - the Trials of John Cooke @ dramatists guild

Directed by the legendary Robert Kalfin, a reading of a new play by Robert Karmon about the execution of Charles I and the men and women at the center of that storm. A tragicomic winding through the shifting philosophies, faiths, and opportunism at the heart of a seminal moment in English history.

feb 9 & 10

within the gates @ the irish repertory theatre

Irish Rep is doing a full season of Sean O’Casey plays, and alongside their trio of mainstage productions, the Rep is producing his other plays as stripped down readings. Nicola Murphy (an authentic Irish lass! and dear friend) directs.


feb 8, 2019

infallibility @ the sheen center

Matt Barbot wrote a play about the tyranny of powerful men and the people they (ab)use. It’s also about Medieval popes, political intrigue, and putting a cadaver on trial (…and if this premise sounds familiar, CTRL+F “Cadaver Synod”). A reading at the Sheen Center, kicking off Matt’s new 2019 residency there.

nov 30 - dec 9

kevin!!!!! @ the pit

For the 3rd year running! We always have a blast doing KEVIN!!!!!, The PIT loves having us, and the NYTimes had a great time - it’s a Recent Cutbacks fixture, at this point. Puppets, a cappella, more tongue-in-cheek-but-still-wholesome-af Christmas cheer than you can shake a BB-gun at.


dec 9

#howaboutlove: holiday edition @ the green room 42

Another delightful concert with On The Quays, full of good cheer and not-so-ugly sweaters. The full concert’s on YouTube - for Peak Evan Content, check out Mr. Heatmiser (duet-ing with my brother Zach Infante), or check out this beautiful arrangement of Parting Glass/Save Tonight (we love a mash-up).

sept 26

peter @ judson memorial church

A reading of a new play by Kev Berry, directed by Alex Tobey. A man struggles to overcome the passings of his father and his boyfriend by overworking, dating, and…building a to-scale miniature replica of the world in his basement. My Judson Church premiere, as part of the Magic Time series!

jul 20 - sepT 1

jerry finnegan's sister @ lake theatre

A summer in Lake George, NY with Lake Theatre, please and thank you! Brian loves Beth, and Beth probably loves him back. But Brian can't find the courage to speak up, the poor guy.

It's a two-hander (shout out to my co-star Megan Dorn), it's a comedy, it's charming and breezy and fun. What's not to love?

june 24

#howaboutlove:pride cabaret @ the green room 42

I love my On The Quays family, and singing with them for Pride 2018 - and to raise money for Immigration Equality - made my heart swell. Check the videos page for my song (warning: On-The-Nose Contentᵀᴹ ahead), or head to YouTube for the full concert

may 7 - 12


A week in Portland, ME does a city boy right, and workshopping a fantastic new play at Portland Stage Company does him right-er. Julia Doolittle (of EST/Youngblood) uses THE ABSENTEE to talk about grief, loneliness, and why we vote...against the backdrop of near-future space exploration. I'm the overeager campaign volunteer who calls you a million times, natch. Little Festival of the Unexpected, indeed! 

Feb 22 - Mar 26, 2018

dec 8 - 30

assassins @ founders hall

It's been 5 years since I did THE COMEDY OF ERRORS with Theater2020, and I'm so glad to be back with them (this time at Founders' Hall at St. Francis College), doing a show from another master of the form, Stephen Sondheim himself. I'm playing everyone's favorite Pole, Leon "the McKinley one" Czolgosz, and, uh, let's just say it feels good to be removing tyrants from office in 2018, shall we?

kevin!!!!! @ THe pit

If this ends up being an annual tradition, you won't hear me complaining. Recent Cutbacks is back at The PIT with our Christmas Alone-at-Home favorite, KEVIN!!!!! Come for the nostalgia, stay for the wildly imaginative production design and movie-soundtrack a cappella delights! 

And remember, the NYTimes liked us last year: "One breathless hour ... Providing bite-size musical chestnuts of the season is a talented choir ... The affection here for 'Home Alone' is palpable."


OCT 23 - NOV 7

rent @ national theatre of aruba

Dream show, y'all. And international travel! With the good people at On The Quays, and co-produced by Muse Theatre and Events, I'm headed down to Aruba to perform this oh-so-American musical at the Cas di Cultura, the island country's National Theatre. 

Will I lose my dignity? Maybe. (That's my solo, at least.) Only the instagrams from the beach will tell.


OCT 3 - 15

the apple tree @ theatre row

I'm back with Musicals Tonight! after only a few brief months away, and delighted. THE APPLE TREE is a real gem of a show from Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick, and our director Ray Roderick has a great vision for the show that streamlines the whole thing (one act!) while better-integrating the ensemble. 

In Eden, I'm playing the growler - aka a golden retriever puppy. Type-casting much?


July 30


I met Julia and Gordon way back when I was a Bat at the Flea, and I'm so damn lucky to still be singing their music. I'm singing selections from REB+VoDKa+ME, a musical about the Columbiners fandom, which is as wild and chilling and car-crash-can't-look-away as you might expect. And always nice to return to 54 Below

July 17-23

the cadaver synod: a pope musical @ NYMF

Ok so true story: this one time at the end of the 9th century, this one pope decided it would be a good idea to exhume his predecessor and try the guy, posthumously, for heresy. The Holy Roman Empire, amirite?

Come for the premise, stay for the guyliner and the pop/punk/American-Idiot-fucks-Book-of-Mormon score. NYMF is a trip, y'all. 

APril 18-23

the festival of lights; short film

The shoulda-only-lasted-1-night-but-lasts-for-8-instead miracle of Hanukkah...but with weed. (It's ok - almost all of us involved are members of the tribe.) Simple premise, fun execution.

mar 28 - apr 9

du barry was a lady @ theatre row

Stoked to perform at Theatre Row with the OBIE Award-winning Musicals Tonight! (exclamation point included) in their production of that delightful Cole Porter classic (?) DU BARRY WAS A LADY.

Where else are you gonna find a show about a drug trip, the pre-Revolution French monarchy, and realizing that you shouldn't pursue the gal who loves the other guy? Charming and dated in all the right golden-age ways.

Dec '16, Mar 23-25

kevin!!!!! residency @ CITY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY

Christmas in March! Why not! After our awesome Dec-Jan run at The PIT, Recent Cutbacks is heading to the City College of Technology for encore performances of KEVIN!!!!!, our loving parody of a certain Shmacaulay Shmulkin star vehicle. Puppets, live projections, and a 4-person choir (it me), ya filthy etc.

"One breathless hour ... Providing bite-size musical chestnuts of the season is a talented choir ... The affection here for 'Home Alone' is palpable." --NY Times

Mar 20, 2017


The fourth annual. A quasi-religious celebration of Our Savior Steve on (or very nearly on) his birthday, featuring stars from every strata of the NYC musical theater milieu. Medleys you didn't know you needed, covers you knew you did, and a healthy dose of MT fandom. Hosted by David Levy, of Fuck Yeah Stephen Sondheim, and Maggie Larkin, The Great Wine Way. (My Joe's Pub debut!)

NOV 3-19, 2016


Three life-long friends reunite for their annual sleepover and things get fraught, nostalgic, and...spooky, maybe? So pleased that many years of collaboration with playwright-and-friend Owen Panettieri now includes this production, which is presented with incredible care and focus by New Light Theater Project

AUG 26-28, 2016


The Selfie Killer is on the loose at the Didgeridoo Arts Festival, and our brave/ragtag group of twenty-somethings have to solve the case before it's too late (*dun dun dunnn* SFX, but w/electric guitar). From Jared Saltiel and Toby Singer, and in the too-trendy-by-half venue that is National Sawdust, this slasher musical - yes, like your favorite B-movie horror flicks - is as full of campy-slasher goodness as it is charm, raunch, and pop culture satire. 

Dec '15 - aug '16


For every fan of a certain wizard-related book/movie saga who wondered "yeah, but what was everyone else doing?", this very-loving comedy about the kids who sit in class next to the Boy Who...Didn't Die is for you. Like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, but with wands, badgers, and oodles of heart. Sometimes there's a quiet dignity in being mediocre. #thirdornothing

(I got a lot of really nice praise for this one, including a specific mention in the NY Times!)

feb '15 - oct '15

kapow-i gogo @ the pit

Anime, video games, comic books; you name a nerdy thing, it's part of the Kapow-i cosmolog-i. The full marathon lasted 4.5 hours, because playwright Matt Cox is a genius and the best way to watch a live-action Saturday-morning cartoon is to binge it (and audiences loved every minute - not to mention the cereal and milk we provided). I've never worn sillier costumes, yelled wilder things, or had more fun on stage. #believe